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Magazine Fali2009 

Northwestern State University of Lovasiaha 

M^ -r 




I. I8S4.2009 . 


>'<i-fftAi:vr,..i*>.-«-^,. . ^ 

Dr. Randall J. Webb, i965, i966 

President, Northwestern State University 

Dear Alumni: 

I like to tal<e every opportunity I can to talk about the 
outstanding work done by our faculty and staff. We are fortunate 
to have so many dedicated people who are willing to look for new ways to serve our 
students as well as those in elementary and secondary schools. 

Northwestern has undertaken a number of initiatives to work with students and 
teachers in grades K-12 to improve the quality of education. Candidates and faculty from 
the College of Education actively observe, participate and work in public schools. In 
2008-2009, undergraduate candidates worked in 118 schools doing everything from 
observation to whole class instruction. Faculty also volunteered in multiple schools 
monitonng and assisting school personnel with LEAP and i-LEAP testing. 

Educational psychology students are working with the community organization CASA 
to assist children who have been removed from their homes. Elementary education 
students are working in Family Math Nights at two local schools providing instructional 
games for families to reinforce mathematics concepts learned in the classroom. 
Counseling students are creating cyber-bullying curhculum materials to help counselors in 
their schools. 

I am very encouraged about the prospects for the Project Lead the Way program in 
which Northwestern will be the affiliate university for Louisiana. Project Lead The Way is a 
non-profit organization that helps public middle schools and high schools implement pre- 
engineenng and biomedical courses. The program helps students learn about technology 
careers through project-based learning that integrates math, science, language arts and 
technology standards. We hope the program will help tram today's young students to be 
productive in domestic and global workforce markets and attract high tech industry to 

This type of outreach work strengthens the communities we serve in Louisiana and 
makes the state and university stronger. I commend all the faculty, staff and students at 
Northwestern who work each day to create opportunities for others. 

William Drake Owens, 2004, 2005 

Acting Director of Alumni and Development 

Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends: 

We have a very exciting school year ahead as we celebrate 
NSU's 125th anniversary. We want to thank those of you who have 
fold us what NSU means to you and encourage more of you to 
send in your memones We will post them on our website and may publish yours in the 
next issue of the Alumni Columns. 

We are sending this issue to you a little early so you can make plans to join us for 
Homecoming on October 24th We have many special events planned around 
Homecoming to commemorate this anniversary. You will find a full schedule of events in 
this issue. 

Finally, we had a wonderful time seeing so many of you at the Fais Do-Do in June! 
Not only did it serve as the official kickoff to our 125th Anniversary year, but we also 
announced the public phase of our capital campaign, "Excellence: Yesterday, Today and 
Tomorrow " Collectively, we can make a big difference in the future of our alma mater and 
its students The office of Alumni & Development is here to help you with any questions or 
interests you have in this new campaign. Your contnbutlon, no matter how small, will make 
a big difference in the lives of students. 

See you at Homecoming! 

Alumni Columns 

Official Publication of 

Nonhwestem Stale Univcniily 

Natchilix'hcs. Louisiana 

Orjiani/c-d in IKS4 

A member of CASE 

Volume XIX Number .1 Fall 21KN 

The Alumni Columns (USPS 0I54K()» is published 

by Northwestern State University. 

Natchitoches. Louisiana. 71497-()()02 

Periodicals Postage Paid at Natchitoches. La 

and at additional mailing offices. 

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Columns. Northwestern Stale University. 

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and 8H«-799-6486 




President Jerry Brungart. 

Natchitoches. 1969. 1971 

Vice President Joseph B. Stamey. 

Natchitoches. 1983 

Secrelary-Trea-surer. Dr. Lisa Malhews. 

Benlon. 1992 

Executive Director W. Drake Owenv. 

Natchitoches. 2004. 2005 


Jerry Brungart NatchitiKhes. 1%9. 1971 

Toiimiy Chester Arcadia. I%9 

Leonard Endris Shreveport. 1974. 1975 

.Adrian Howard Arlington. Texas. 1989 

Patricia Wiggins Hrapmann Deslrehan. 1973. 197s 

Gail Jones Natchez. 1981. 19'»S 

Mati Koury Lccsvillc. 1995 

Br\ant Lewis Haynesville. 195N 

Carroll Long lyier. Texas. 197(i 

Dr Lisa Mathews Benlon. \9^1 

David Morgan Austin. Texas. 197 "> 

Kip Patrick Shreveport. I99.s 

Joseph B. Slamey Natchitoches. 1983 

Glenn Talbert Shreveport. 1964 

Ricky Walmsley Covington. 1985 

J. Michael Wilbum Shreveptirt. 1975 

Dr. Ixonard A. Williams New Orleans. 1993 


Kay la Wingfield Opelousas 

SGA President 

W. Drake Owens, 2(XU. 2005 

Leah Pilcher Jackson. 1994 


Da\ id West 

Doug Ireland. 1986 

Amy Werner 


Ciary llardamon 

Beth McPherson Mann. 1975 
NSU Press Publu .ilu.iis Ofl'ice 

NttrlhwrstiTn Stjtti' University i.-* accredited by the 
C\>mmissinii tin Ciillej^'s of the S*>ulhern ,\.'4.«*oci.ilion of 
ColleKes and S<hixils (1S66 Smlhern l.iine, Divntur. 
Ceorma :«K»a;i-»097 1\-lephone number 4tM-fi79-4.S01 1 to 
award A**ji4K'iate. Bnccnlnurento. Master's. Spocialiiit and 
I><K-tonit<' decrees 

ll IS (he |>olicy of Northwoxlern State University of 
l.i>iiiHiana not to disrnminnte on the boRis of race, color, 
reliifion. wx. national onipn. age. or disability in il« 
tnlucational proin"anis. activities or eniployment praclicrs. 


Campus News 



Northwestern State University initiates 
"Excellence: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" 
Capital Campaign 

In the fall of 2007, Northwestern State 
University celebrated the success of its 
first ever Capital Fundraising Campaign 
entitled: "For a Brighter Tomorrow," 
exceeding the $18.84 million goal by 
raising over $32.7 million! Funds raised 
during this campaign established endowed 
chairs, professorships, program 
enhancement funds and scholarships that 
have enhanced the overall quality of the 

"Funding is critical not only to 
attracting and retaining bright students 
who face rising costs in higher education 
but also in attracting excellent faculty and 
assisting dedicated educators with costs 
associated with research and professional 
development," explained Director of 
Alumni & Development Drake Owens. 

In order to keep NSU moving forward. 
Northwestern has launched a new capital 
campaign, "Excellence: Yesterday, Today 
and Tomorrow," with the goal of securing 
$25 million over the next three years. 
During this summers 125th anniversary 
Fais Do-Do Celebration, the public phase 
was announced to nearly 400 attendees. 
Campaign Chair John Manno told the 
audience that an astounding $9.5 million 
dollars had been raised during the silent 
phase of the campaign. These funds were 
generated through privately funded grants 
secured by NSU s faculty and staff, 
mineral royalties from land gifted to NSU 
and contributions from more than 3,400 
alumni and supporters. Their contributions 
accounted for more than 50 percent of the 
funds raised in the silent phase! 
PBVJIf^'lHRiHIHI During his kick ofT speech, Manno 

[l^^2|i^^^^^^^m gave a special thanks to those who have 

shown their support to NSU during the 

Capital Campaign Chairman 
John Manno urged alumni and 
friends to pledge as little as 
$12.50 per month to the 
Excellence Fund. 

silent phase of the campaign and stated 
that "if 3,400 of our alumni contributed 
over $4.5 million during the silent phase of 
the campaign, imagine the possibilities if 
Northwestern received financial support 
from all of its 80,000 alumni. We plan to 
reach out to as many alumni as possible 
asking for their support, but we hope that 
each alumnus will evaluate what they can 
do individually and support their alma 
mater during this important time." 

"Every dollar counts," Manno said. 
"No contribution is too small. Our most 
immediate need is unrestricted scholarship 

To meet this need and provide a 
convenient and affordable way to 
contribute to the campaign, NSU has 
established the "Excellence Fund" which 
asks every alumnus of Northwestern to 
become a member of the "Excellence 
Team" by donating $12.50 or more per 
month for the length of the campaign. 

"If every alumnus could contribute at 
this level or greater we would raise over 
$36 million, exceeding our campaign goal 
and setting a fundraising record for 

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Alumni Columns Fall 2009 / 1 

Campus News 

► Capital campaign continued 


Manno said, 
showing his 
optimism by closing 
his speech with 
reiterating the goal 
of raising a 
SI 2.5 million by the 
end of the 125th 
anniversary year. 

"Contributing to 
the Fxcellence Fund 
is one of many ways 
to support the 
campaign," Owens 
said. Support can be as simple as 
purchasing a 125th anniversary coffee 
table book or commemorative brick in 
the Alumni Plaza or joining the Alumni 
Association, Athletic Association or 
Presidents Council which provide 
unrestricted support to the university, he 
said. Contributions can be made by 
adding to one of the more than 400 
existing scholarships, professorships and 
program endowments. Naming 
opportunities are available to those 
interested in establishinii endowed 

President Webb 
welcomed guests 
to the summer 
Pais Do-Do. 

scholarships, professorships, chairs and 
program enhancement funds, many of 
which are eligible for matches from the 
Board of Regents support fund, adding to 
up to 40 percent of the contribution. 

"We arc also available to assist 
someone interested in leaving part of 
their estate to NSU," Owens said. "Our 
statf is always willing to help you decide 
on the way, to gi\e that best fits your 

To make it easy for alumni to help 
commemorate the year by donating to the 
Campaign, the alumni website,, accepts 
online donations. These secure 
transactions come directly to the NSU 
Foundation, and donors receive the added 
benefit of a tax deduction on their 2009 

"We think our alumni will want to 
help mark this very special year in NSU's 
history," said Owens. "By contributing 
to the 'Excellence: Yesterday, Today & 
Tomorrow' Capital Campaign we can all 
make a difference to preserve the quality 
of our education at our institution and 
uphold the traditions that we all hold so 


Guests at the summer 

Pais Do-Do enjoyed delicious 

regional cuisine, dancing and 

joie de vivre. 

NSU 125 picture book takes readers down memory lane 

The 200 page coffee table book that 
commemorates Northwestern State 
University's 125th anniversary is now 
available to the public. The NSU Office 
of Alumni and Development is accepting 
new orders for the limited edition book. 

The publication features hundreds of 
color and black and white photographs 
from the university archi\es and a .^0 
page text highlighting memorable 
people, events and achievements in tlic 
school's rich history. There is also a 
chronology in the book of significant 
occasions and milestones at the 
university since it was established in 

Entitled "Northwestern at 125: 
Commemorative Fdition. IX84-20()y," 
the book incliKles sections on academics, 
student life, athletics and campus sites 
and scenes. The publication's photos 
ami manuscript locus on many of the 
unique traditions, customs and rituals 
thai lia\e been such an impoitani pari of 
the uni\ersilv over the decades. 

Editors of "NSU 125" were, from left, 
Tom Whitehead, Jerry Pierce, Don 
Sepulvado and Steve Horton. 

Northwestern was established in 
1884 as the State Normal School, and 
the first class was enrolled in 1885. The 
book was puhlislieti b\ the NSU Press to 
initiate the year-long annnersary 

Inlroduclory remarks on llie co\er 
of the publication state that the book was 
published "as a tribute to the 75.()()() 
alumni of Normal and Norllnvestern and 

teachers, coaches, administrators and 
friends" w ho are a part of the 
unixersity's heritage. 

The introduction also notes. "In this 
keepsake publication are reminders of 
hundreds of people, places and e\ents 
that siiould stir memories of their alma 
mater for Northwestern alumni across 
the world and reinforce their bonds to 
this historic old school." 

l-.ditors of the book are 
Northwestern Vice-President for 
i-xternal .AfTairs .lerry Pierce; Associate 
ProNost and Dean of the Graduate 
School Dr Ste\e Horton; Director of 
NSU Press and Informational Ser\ ices 
Don SepuKado and retired Professor 
I'merilus of .lournalism Tom Whitehead. 

Pierce w role the M) page text for the 
publication in addition to the 
inlroduclion on the book jacket, wording 
for diMsion pages and much of the 
chronologN section on major e\ents in 
NSU history. SepuKado was the graphic 
designer and coordinated selection and 

continued on page 3 ► 

Mimmi Columns Fall 2009 / 2 

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Campus News 

2009 "125th Anniversary" Homecoming Schedule 

Reunions, commemorations and new traditions are on tap for this year's celebration 

October 22-24 

Alumni Art Show 

Orville Hanchey Gallery will host the Fourth Annual 
Alumni Art Exhibition, this year dedicated to the mennory 
of Mr. Fleming Arden Thomas, NSU Alumnus, past 
Director of the Watson Library, and dedicated art lover 
who was instrumental in the recent restoration of a 
Conrad Albrizzo painting that is part of the permanent 
collection of NSU. The Albnzzo work plus other 
important works owned by the University will be on 
display. Admission is free to the public For more 
information, please call Leslie Gruesbeck at (318) 352- 
5476 or email at . 

Friday, October 23 

Alumni Association Board Meeting 

10:00 a.m. at the Red River Waterway Commission 
Building on the Highway 1 Bypass directly across the 
street from the Mariner's Restaurant, Annual Board of 
Directors meeting open to the public. 

Homecoming Golf Tournament 

1:00 p.m. - NSU Recreation Complex 
Come participate in the annual golf scramble on the 18- 
hole golf course for $50 per player (includes golf cart 
and lunch by Coach Gene Knecht). Tee time is at 1:00 
p.m. and lunch will be served at 12:00 p.m. 
Reservations can be made by calling Drake Owens at 
(318) 357-4250 or email at owensd(5) . 

NSU Foundation Board Meeting 

1 :30 p.m. at the Red River WatenA/ay Commission 
Building on the Highway 1 Bypass directly across the 
street from the Mariner's Restaurant. Annual Board of 
Directors meeting open to the public. 

NSU Presidents Residence Open House 

4:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m. 

Stop by the newly renovated Arnold Kilpatrick 
Presidents Residence to be greeted by Dr. and Mrs. 
Randall Webb, tour the home and enjoy refreshments. 

Long Purple Line Reunion 

6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. - Orville Hanchey Gallery 

All Long Purple Line Inductees are invited to 

a reception in their honor. For more information contact 

the Alumni Center at (318) 357-4414. By Invitation only. 

Greek Alumni Reunion 

7:00 - 9:00 p.m. - Student Union Ballroom 
Join the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life in 
celebrating 80 years of Greek Life at Northwestern 
State. All Greek Alumni are invited to attend a 
welcoming reception to reconnect with old friends as 
well as a chance to see how Greek Life has grown over 
the years. For more information contact Natalie 
Laurence, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, at 
(318) 357-5439 or email at laurencen(5) 

Saturday, October 24 

Homecoming 5k Fun Run 

7:00 a.m. - Wellness, Reaeation & Activities Center (WRAC) 
All alumni & supporters of NSU are invited to a special 
5k fun run through the NSU Campus. $10 entry fee 
includes t-shirt and prizes for winners. 

College of Education Reunion 

10:00 a.m. - Natchitoches Event Center 
All graduates of the College of Education are invited to a 
reunion that will honor the inductees of the College's 
Hall of Distinguished Educators. For more information, 
contact the College of Education at (318) 357-6288. 

Black Alumni Alliance (BAA) Meeting 

10:00 a.m. - Natchitoches Events Center 

All NSU alumni interested in becoming members of the 

organization are invited to join the organization for its 

inaugural meeting. For more information visit or contact Nicole Gray at (972) 


College of Business Brunch 

10:00 a.m. - Natchitoches Room, Russell Hall 
All College of Business alumni are invited to renew old 
friendships before the game. For more information, call 
the College of Business at (318) 357-5161 . 

ROTC Open House 

10:00 a.m. - James A. Noe Military Science Building 
All ROTC alumni are invited to stop by the hospitality 
room at the James A. Noe Military Science building 
between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. For more 
information, please contact Christie Price at (318) 357- 
5157 or by email at pncec(a) . 

University Bookstore Open 

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. - Student Union 

Go by the bookstore and buy all of your NSU 


N-Club Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 

9:00 a.m. - Magale Recital Hall 

For more information, please call Gil Gilson at (318) 

677-3141 or email at Gilson(5) . 

125th Anniversary Homecoming 

11 :30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. - Natchitoches Events Center 
All alumni and supporters of NSU are invited to join us 
for a special 125th Anniversary Homecoming Luncheon. 
Social hour from 1 1 :30 to 1 2:30 followed by a surf and 
turf lunch and University address. Tickets are $20 and 
can be purchased by contacting the NSU Alumni Center 
at (318) 357-4414. Please RSVP by October 19th. 

Homecoming Parade 

3:00 p.m. - Campus/Town Annual Homecoming Parade 
for both the Northwestern and Natchitoches 
communities. Begins at Prather Coliseum and ends on 
NSU Practice Field with a Pep Rally held following the 
parade at approx. 4:30 p.m. 

Pep Rally 

4:30 p.m. - NSU Practice Field/Tailgating Area 
Join NSU President Randy Webb, Coach Bradley Dale 
Peveto and all of our Homecoming Honorees for special 
pep rally and recognition ceremony packed with 
entertainment from our NSU spirit groups. 

Tailgating Activities 

4:00 - 6:30 p.m. - Tailgating Field adjacent to Turpin 
Stadium. Various groups, including Greek 
Organizations, N-Club, ROTC, College of Education and 
many more! 

Alumni Tailgating 

4:00 -6:30 p.m. -Tailgating Field 
The NSU Alumni Association and Student Alumni 
Association (SAA) will be hosting a special barbeque 
dinner. Plates will be sold for $5. All NSU Alumni and 
SAA members are invited to come by the tent and grab 
something to eat before the game. It will be a great time 
to visit with fnends you haven't seen in a while and build 
relationships among fellow alumni. 

Pregame Reception for Homecoming 

5:00 p.m. (approx.) - Stroud Room in the Athletic 


For more information, please call Yonna Pasch at (318) 

357-5438 or email paschy(a) . 

By invitation only 

Pregame Activities 

6:30 p.m. -Turpin Stadium 

Enjoy the pre-game show by the Spirit of Northwestern 

Marching Band and other game day activities. 

Homecoming Game vs. Texas State 

7:00 p.m. -Turpin Stadium 

Halftime Ceremonies 

8:30 p.m. (approx.) - Turpin Stadium 

BAA Homecoming After Party 

9:00 p.m. Natchitoches Events Center 
All Alumni are invited to a complimentary buffet featuring 
entertainment from Q1065's D.J. Incredible. For more 
information visit or contact Nicole 
Gray at (972) 897-5357. 

Please check with your organization 

to verify times and locations or go online to 

for the most up-to-date schedule. 

► N125 book continued 
placement of photographs, and Horton 
and Whitehead directed research, 
planning and editing of the publication. 
NSU alumnus Raymond Strother, a 
nationally renowned political analyst and 
author, said, "Bands should play at the 
publication of this commemorative 

book. This is a book not of words and 
pictures but of hope, reflection, progress 
and pride. It's all here. All the reader 
has to do is sit quietly and go through 
the pages while history reveals itself." 
Books are $50 each, plus shipping 
and processing, and may be ordered 

from the NSU Office of Alumni and 
Development by phone at 
(318) 357-4414 or go to 


Alumni Columns Fall 2009 / 3 

Campus News 

Ceremonial Mace and Chain debut at Spring 2009 commencement 

On till' occasion of the 1 25th anniversary of iXorthwestern, 
two new symbols of solemnity anil dignity have been added 
to the usual academic re}>aHa used during commencement, 
the President's Chain and the Mace. 

Faculty Senate President Dr. Darrell Fry bore the Mace 
as President Dr. Randall J. Webb wore the President's 
Chain during May commencement. 

The President's Chain holds the seal of the university cast 

in bronze. Around the black satin ribbon holding the seal are 
17 engraved platelets of bronze, each bearing the name of a 
former president of Northwestern and the years he served. 
Chains of similar design have been worn for centuries during 
ceremonies at universities. This chain is unique in recognizing 
the leaders who have served Northwestern while most others 
are original works of art. 

The President s Chain was presented to Dr. Randall Webb 
by the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi to commemorate the 
uni\ersity s commitment to academic excellence for the past 
1 25 years. 

The Mace is a wooden staff designed and manufactured 
by Natchitoches craftsman George Oli\ier of Olivier's Fine 
Cypress Furniture. Crowning the top is a four-faceted block 
that bears casts of the four seals of the University's histor\-. the 
State Normal School. Louisiana State Normal College. 
Northwestern State College and Northwestern State Uni\ersit>' 
of Louisiana. 

The Mace originated as a weapon in the Middle .Ages, 
used as a hand arm for archers and other unmounted warriors. 
Sergeants at arms, who were guards of kings and other high 
officials, also carried maces. Gradually the mace gained a 
ceremonial character and became a symbol to denote authority. 

The Mace Bearer is the president of the university's 
Faculty Senate. The ceremonial mace symbolizes the dignity 
and authoritv of the uni\ersitv. 


Potpourri @ 100 yearbook event draws former editors, contributors 

Former editors of Potpourri were recognized during the Potpourri @ 100 celebration in May. Editors and the years 
they served were, front row from left, Frank Hudson. Jr.. 1960; Dorothy Wallen Eielson. 1961; Dr. Steve Norton. 1987. 
1 988, Tina Dutile Drye, 1989, 1990; Janice Williams, 1984; Betty Jo Tilleux, 1957; Mane Tilleux Davis, 1952; Chnstine 
Harper Bloxom, 2004; Jimmy Brown, 2006, and Bethany Frank, 2009. 2010 On the second row are Paula Crover 
Schneyer, 1 997, and Van Rodney Reed, 1 991 . On the back row are Kevin Brough, 1 998; Heath Crawford, 1 999; Jim 
McKellar. 1982; Patsy L. Black, 1977; Dr. Lawrence Houston Davis, 1953, and Ronald Martin, 1951. 

Ahnuni Cc^hmms I'jil 200^) / 4 

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Campus News 

The Natchitoches Coffee Club has been meeting nearly 20 years to discuss current issues, solve problems, tell jokes and 
support each other. On the front row from left are Truman Maynard, Dan Simmons, Peyton Cunningham, John Ropp, 
Gene Knecht, Wilder Lindsey, Johnnie Emmons and Sam Coker. On the back row are Tom Burns, Dan Dyess, Fred Clark, 
Dick Stalling, Jim Bruning, Walter Ledet, Sonny Fuller, Norman Hicks, Norm Fletcher and Alton Townsend. 

Coffee group's daily gatherings keep members young at heart 

Sports, politics, current 
events and tali tales are up for 
discussion every morning for 
the Natchitoches Coffee Club, 
an informal group of about 30 
mostly retired gentlemen who 
gather week mornings to swap 
whoppers, weigh in on the 
news of the day and discuss 
whatever is on their minds, be 
it health, horse racing, local 
history or legislative issues. 

"When you retire, you 
better have something to do, 
something to look forward to 
every day. This is it," said 
Walter Ledet, 90, who started 
the group 1 9 years ago after 
retiring from a long career as a 
coach and administrator at 
NSU. "It s the best way to 
start the day." 

After meeting at an area 
hotel restaurant for many 
years, the group recently 
relocated to Merci Beaucoup 
by welcoming proprietor 
Johnny Wayne Cox to the 
group. Beginning around 8 
a.m., they enjoy coffee, 
conversation and a joke or two 
for half an hour or so, flipping 
quarters to determine who 
pays the tab. 

"The day starts on a 
positive note because the 
group is so positive," said Sam 
Coker. 80, a retired educator 
spinning yams with the Coffee 
Club for 1 5 years. 

"We have biscuits with 
sausage or bacon almost every 
Wednesday and a speaker," 
Ledet said. Guests might 

include Sheriff Victor Jones, 
Clerk of Court Louie Bernard 
or NSU coaches. The group 
visits the Natchitoches Parish 
Detention Center twice a year 
and every fall is invited by 
NSU President Dr. and Mrs. 
Randall J. Webb to breakfast at 
the Arnold R. Kilpatrick 
President's Home. The late Dn 
Kilpatrick was a member of 
the group. Valentine's Day is 
Ladies' Day when members 
treat their wives to lunch, 
welcoming widows of 
deceased members to join 

Good humor and 
friendship are a large part of 
the camaraderie within the 
Coffee Club, as well as sharing 
past experiences and 

supporting each other through 
crises related to health or 
family. Many who gather with 
the group have some affiliation 
with Northwestern, but that is 
not a requirement with retirees 
from backgrounds in business, 
the military, law and 
education. Ledet said the 
average number to attend on 
any given day is about 10, but 
Wednesdays draw a bigger 
crowd. Anyone interested in 
fiiendship and conversation is 

Sonny Fuller, 76, looks 
forward each day to good 
friends, good laughter and 
good coffee. "We also enjoy 
helping when and where 
needed at NSU," he said. 

Judy Stewart Scholarship will benefit math education major 

A family with ties to Winn Parish has established a 
scholarship at Northwestern State University to recognize 
a mother's commitment to education. The Judy Stewart 
Scholarship will be presented to an NSU student who 
graduated from a Winn Parish high school and is seeking 
a degree in mathematics education. The scholarship was 
established through the NSU Foundation by Judy 
Stewart's husband, Bart Stewart Sr., and their children. 
Candy Begnaud, Bart Stewart Jr. and Jeff Stewart. 

The scholarship recipient must be a sophomore or 
higher and maintain a 3.0 or better grade point average. 

"We would like the recipient to be active in their 
church, as my wife first realized she would like to teach 
middle school while teaching Sunday school to this age 

group during her college days," said Bart Stewart Sr., of 

Judy Stewart graduated from NSU in 1976 with a 
degree in math education. 

"She commuted from Winnfield to Natchitoches 
every day for several years, had two babies along the way 
and has taught for almost 29 years in the Louisiana public 
school system," Mr. Stewart said. During her career, Mrs. 
Stewart taught in Jeff Davis, Winn, Catahoula, 
Evangeline, St. Martin, Lafayette and Livingston parishes. 

Mr. Stewart and his brother. Bill Stewart, previously 
established a scholarship at NSU to honor their mother, 
Billie Nell Barton Stewart. 



Alumni Columns Fall 2009 / 5 

Alumni Gatherings 

Golden Jubilee/50-Plus Events 

Joining the festivities for the Golden Jubilee were, from left Sam DeKeyzer (1950), Dot DeKeyzer (1951). Ted 
Duggan (1957), Dave Moody (1959), Bonnie Corley (1960) and Ken Corley (1958), left photo; fvlichael Murphy 
(1959), Darlene Hicks (1958), John Hicks (1959) and Pat Robertson Murphy (1960), center photo; and Gene 
Haynes (1959), Jean Downing (1954) and Lady Jane Patton (1959) right photo. 

Billy John Burns (1953, 1958) of Bossier 
City presented a copy of his book "One 
Last Stroll Down Memory Lane: An 
Autobiography of Billy John Burns" to 
NSU President Dr. Randall J. Webb 
during the 50-year luncheon in May. The 
memoir shares Burns' memories from his 
early years, including a lengthy passage 
on his experiences at Northwestern. The 
book is available through 

Tom (1947) and 
Juanita (1945) 
Bambrick, who 
had just 
celebrated their 
66th wedding 
anniversary May 
8. were present 
for the 50-year 


r,^"\m>ifm ■ m 


Hv ^\ii MP % 





Guests at the 50-Plus Luncheon were Beverly Horton Weaver (1959) and Philip Weaver, left photo; Danny 
Higdon (1959) and Jerry Roy (1959), center photo, and Mary Dunckelman Rabb (1959), Truman (1959) and 
Martha Maynard, Ethelyn Scroggins Millar (1959), and John Millar, right photo. 

New Orleans 

Joining the fun for a New Orleans reception were Craig (1993) and Josie Tappel (1994) and Cindy & Gus Bazin 
(1971), right photo; Dudley (1955) and Jean (1954) Downing, Jean Noble Warren (1955) and Wes Jackson 
(1954), center photo, and Gus (1971) and Cindy Bazin and Mona and Russell (1940) Bond, right photo. 

Washington, D.C. 

Washington. DC, alumni who gathered for 
a crawfish boil were, from left, Pirom 
Surinal (1988). Gregg Jolley (1988), Allen 
Haines (1988), Candace Basco Alamilla 
(1990) and Eddie Alamilla (1988). 

Ahimiit Colimiiis tall :^00i) / li 

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Alumni Gatherings 


Houston, Texas 

_, Alumni 


Attending a gathering in Houston, Texas were Anne and Byrne (1948) Wilson, left 
photo: Jill Parker Bankston (1997), Brett Harris (1991) and Debi Cost (1995), center 
photos; and Tara Lewis (1999) and Francina Hoiiingsworth (1999). 


An alumni gathering in Lafayette was held at Blue Dog Cafe in June. Attending were BJ Duplantis (2002, 2005), Clint Loggins (1999) 
and John Windham (2003), left photo: Lyn Hargrave (1966, 1968), Shirley Dickie (1968) and Shelley Dickie (1968) center photo, and 
Robert (1950) and Dot (1951) DeKeyzer, and Ruth and Jeff (1951, 1958) Hennessy. 


Attending the Shreveport alumni gathering were Trey Deeds, Eva Sterling (2007) and Laci Stokes (2003), left photo: Brenda Woods (1998) 
and Dwight Woods (1998, 2002), center photo, and Tom Carleton (1972), Margie Carleton and Dr, Randall Webb (1965), right photo. 

Chris Roper Golf Tournament 


Top teams in the Chris Roper Golf 
Tournament were Doyle Anderson, 
Charlie Ingalls, Randy Robinson 
and Danny Nolen, top left photo; 
Tommy Vercher, Todd Niette, Jeff 
Rachal, Mike Smith and Bruce 
Primm, top right photo; Lawson 
Keppinger, Matt Loudanseager, 
Ashley Pettigrew, John Flynn and 
David Flynn, lower lett, and Harrie 
Garcie, Coke Guy, Super Joe 
Beasley, Noble Chambers and Big 
Cat Chambers, bottom right photo. 


Alumni Columns Fall 2009 / 7 

Alumni News 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Jennifer Anderson (1991), Lon 
(1994, 1996) Trahan and Michael 
Trahan joined other Louisiana 
natives at the Atlanta crawfish boil. 
Alumni from NSU, Louisiana Tech, 
Centenary, UNO, ULM, McNeese 
and Nichols enjoyed the event. 

John Espinosa (1996) 
attended the Atlanta 
crawfish boil with his 
family, John, Joshua and 
Jasmine, Not shown is 
Karina Espinosa. The 
crawfish boil was held at 
Duluth Festival Center in 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Dan f\/ledlin (1988) and his family, 
Lisa, fvlatthew and Natalie, above, 
attended the Austin crawfish boil, as 
did Rhonda (1987) and David 
Cartwright, below. 

Dallas/Fort Worth 

Stacey Lourdain (1993), Cholonda Holmes (1993), Regina 
Shaw (1993), Gail Prevot, Louis Prevot, Derrick Lang, Michelle 
Young (2000), Angela Minor, and Carlo Minor (1983) enjoyed 
a Cajun crawfish boil at the Dallas/Fort Worth gathering. 


Sally Barden (1978), Roy Bridges. Judy Bridges (1971), Jim 
Randolph (1966, 1971), Todd Simmons (1990). and Rona 
Simmons were also present for the Dallas event. 

Buddy Bonnette Golf Tournament 

Top teams in the Buddy Bonnette Golf Tournament were, from left, Andrei Vige, Blake Fowler, Jennifer (1991) and Keenan 
Kelly (1990); John Nagle, Tammy Trichel, Francis Delony and Jack Brittain (1979), and Doug Ireland (1986), Bill Dickens. 
Alex Cook and Bob Austin. 

To view more photos IVoiii eaeli gathering, please visit www.northwesternalumni.eom . 

Minnni Columns Fall 200^ / 8 

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Aluimni News 

WHy I Love [NSV 

Natchitoches - NSU- 1966 
I Remember 

I remember the honeysuckle scented nights 

the warm humid winds tangling my hair 

the hugh yellow moon reflecting golden balls in the still river. 

I remember the clatter of cars on ageless cobblestone streets 

the whistle of trains and factones 

the five-o-clock chimes ringing in the dinner hour 

I remember the warm sun on my face 

the cool lake lapping at my toes 

the taste of ripe strawberries snatches from forbidden fields. 

I remember the joys, the expectations, the ambitions, the sorrows, 

the disappointments, the peace and contentment. 

Moments intense and so fleeting which will not come again to me 
They are your gifts to each generation that passes your way 
and leaves a part of their heart among the niched 
cobblestones and red clay bluffs. 

This is why I love NSU and Natchitoches. The college and 
the town changed my life and gave me a future. I met my 
husband on the beautiful campus and we grew to love the 
area. We visit as often as we can. 

-- Kathryn Bergeron Mammons, 1966-69 

Inductees to the 2009 Graduate 
N Club Hall of Fame announced 

Five of Northwestern 's finest athletic figures, headhned by Super 
Bowl starter and track Ail-American Al Edwards, will be enshrined in 
the Graduate N Club Hall of Fame during morning ceremonies at the 
Magale Recital Hall on Saturday. Oct. 24 during Homecoming 

Also to be enshrined are baseball and football standout Steve Graf, 
football Ail-American Warren Griffith, Softball great Kellie Shotwell 
and golf Ail-American Robert Konsdorf 

Edwards, a star receiver for the Demons from 1 986-89. started for 
Buffalo as a receiver in Super Bowl XXV and also played in Super 
Bowl XXVI as a kick returner and receiver. He was an All-America 
sprinter for coach Leon Johnson's Demons on the 1987 4x100 meter 
relay team that finished eighth nationally. 

Griffith was an All-America center as a senior in 1980 as the 
Demons set 33 school offensive records, including an average of 421 
yards per game. He and Edwards were both named to the Top 100 
Demon Players of Ail-Time roster for the centennial celebration of the 
sport at NSU in 2007. 

Graf was an outfielder for the Demons from 1980-83 who 
advanced to the Class AA level in the Montreal Expos system. He also 
played safety for the NSU football team from 1981-82 and later was a 
graduate assistant coach on Sam Goodwin's football staff. 

Shotwell still holds the Lady Demon softball career record for 
pitching victories (62) from 1986-89. She had a 1.41 career earned run 
average, which ranks third all-time, and threw 1 9 shutouts, tied for 
second all-time, for coach Rickey McCalister. 

Konsdorf finished in the top 10 at the 1974 NAIA Golf 
Championships during his career with the Demons playing for coach 
.lack Hearron. 

For more information, check the website. 

Intaglio print finds its way back to Northwestern 

J piece of artwork created in the 
/I early 20th century in Natchitoches 
-Z A found its way back to 

Don Sepulvado, director of 
Informational Services and the NSU 
Press, discovered the intaglio print while 
visiting St. Francisville earlier this year 
and, recognizing a Natchitoches scene, 
purchased the piece and began a search 
for the artist. Sepulvado identified him 
as Dr. Leonard Kimbrell, a 1942 graduate 
of Louisiana Normal College, who is now 
86 and living in Portland, Ore. 

"It seems that he was a contemporary 
of Orville Hanchey and together they 
would visit Melrose, where Mrs. Cammie 
Henry allowed them to draw," Sepulvado 
said. "According to Dr. Kimbrell, the 
print in question was the first effort at 
intaglio printing on the art department's 
new print press," Sepulvado said. "He 
printed several Natchitoches scenes, of 
which he still has about five in his 
possession, including the print 1 
purchased in St. Francisville." 

Intaglio is a type of printmaking in 
which an image is incised onto a surface, 
covered with ink and the excess ink is 
removed, leaving ink only in the incisions. 
A damp piece of paper is then placed on 
top and the plate and paper run through a 
printing press that, under pressure, 
transfers the ink to the paper. The print 
Sepulvado discovered depicts the Bishop 
Martin Museum and the comer of Trinity 
Episcopal Church at the comer of Second 

and Trudeau streets in the Natchitoches 
Historic District. 

Kimbrell holds professor emeritus 
status at Portland State University, where 
he taught art history and eventually 
became department head. He has given 
his art history collection of more than 800 
volumes on painting, sculpture and 
architecture and various periods of art 
history to the PSU Millar Library. 
Kimbrell, who taught at PSU from 1961- 
87, founded the university's art history 
program. While at PSU, Kimbrell was 
responsible for building up the art 
department's slide library and introducing 
courses in all periods of Western history, 
as well as Asian, African and Native 
American art, which he initially taught by 
himself He hired most of today's art 
history faculty and many other faculty 
members as chair of the art department. 
His teaching covered world art, but he 
maintained a special interest and 
expertise on Northwest art and artists. 
Kimbrel last exhibited work on the PSU 
campus in 2001. 


Alumni Columns Fall 2009 / 9 

Alumni News 


Jim Henderson (1994) was 

chosen as chancellor of Bossier 
Pansh Community College in May. A 
Shreveport native, he was among 
four candidates chosen following a 
nation-wide search, leaving his 
previous position as senior vice 
president of Career and Technical 
Education for the Louisiana 
Community and Technical College 

Henderson joined the 
Louisiana Community & Technical 
College System in 2005 as senior 
vice president for Workforce and 
Economic Development, where he 
was responsible for shaping the 
purpose and direction of the 
system's work force development 
efforts. He provided strategic focus 
for the customized training and 
corporate services of the system's 
seven community colleges, two 
technical community colleges and 
the statewide Louisiana Technical 
College (38 campuses). 

In 2006. his responsibilities 
increased to include operational 
oversight of the restructured 
Louisiana Technical College. In 
2007, he assumed responsibility for 
the administration of the Carl 
Perkins Vocational and Technical 
Education Program, integrating 
workforce training and technical 
education within LCTCS. 

Billy John Burns (1954, 
1958) of Bossier City has published 
an autobiography entitled "One Last 
Stroll Down Memory Lane." Burns 
presented a copy to NSU President 
Or Randall J Webb dunng the 50+ 
Luncheon in May, which he attended 
with his wife, Judith Conell Burns. 
Burns earned bachelor's and 
master's degrees at NSU and 
completed Plus 30 in 1969 He 
taught and coached at Anacoco 
High School for 31 years, then 
moved to Calvary Baptist Academy in 
Shreveport, where he taught and 
served as pnncipal until retirement in 

Three public school teachers 
with ties to Northwestern were 
named LaSalle Pansh Teachers of 
the Year 

Christina Taylor is a 

kindergarten teacher at Jena 
Elementary, a position she has held 
since December 2006. She earned 
her BS in early childhood education 
at NSU in 2006. She received her 
AS in general studies from the 
University of Louisiana at Monroe 
with a major in social sciences and 
minors in business and applied 
sciences in 1997 

Betsy Warricl< teaches family 
and consumer sciences to high 
school students at Jena High 
School, a position she has held the 
last three years. She has a total of 
eight years expenence in teaching. 
She earned a bachelor's degree at 
NSU and completed the graduate 
program in 2006. 

Casie Pendas. who teaches 
math and science to seventh and 
eighth grade students at LaSalle 
Junior High, was also honored She 
graduated from Louisiana State 
University in 2003 with a bachelor's 
in elementary education. She 
attended LSU-Alexandria, Louisiana 
College and NSU between 1996 and 

The National Institute for 
Technology and Liberal Education 
(NITLE) established by the Mellon 
Foundation will be located at 
Southwestern University where Jim 
Hunt (1980, 1987) is provost and 
dean of faculty. Southwestern is a 
liberal university near Austin, Texas. 
NITLE is designed to encourage 
expenmentation and adoption of 
new uses in technology in scholarly 
publishing and academe in general. 
It involves about 130 colleges and is 
spinning off to become its own 
organization and moving to 

Hunt holds a master's in 
education and Ed.D. from 
Northwestern and is well-known as a 
teacher in Natchitoches Parish 

Dr. Woodrow Hood (1988) 

was named dean of the Shuford 
School of Performing Arts (music 
and theatre) at Catawba College 
Hood joined the Catawba College in 
faculty in 2002 as an associate 
professor of theater arts and chair of 

that department He was granted 
tenure in 2004. He earned his 
bachelor's degree from NSU, a 
master's degree from Louisiana 
Tech University and a doctor of 
philosophy degree from University of 
Missoun-Columbia. Pnor to joining 
the Catawba faculty, he was an 
assistant professor and head of 
theater arts at High Point University 
He has also taught at Wake Forest 
University and Pfeiffer University 

Catawba College in Salisbury. 
N.C.. is a pnvate. coeducational 
liberal arts college established in 
1851, affiliated with the United 
Church of Chnst. 

Grady Beard 

Sowell Gray Stepp & Laffitte 
law firm partner Grady Beard 
(1983) was named to the 2010 
edition of Best Lawyers, the oldest 
and most respected peer-review 
publication in the legal profession. 
Beard was recognized for his 
practice area, compensation \a\N. 

Earlier this year Beard was 
invited to join Larson's National 
Workers' Compensation Advisory 
Board as one of two representatives 
from South Carolina Larson's is the 
leading national authonty on 
workers' compensation law As an 
advisor, Grady will appnse the 
national board on workers' 
compensation happenings in South 
Carolina, as well as consult on 
notable people in workers' 

In addition. Grady has been 
appointed as vice chair of the 
Workers' Compensation Law 
Committee of the South Carolina 
Defense Tnal Attorney's Association, 
whose mission is to promote justice, 
professionalism and integnty in the 
civil justice system by bnnging 

together attorneys dedicated to the 
defense of civil actions. 

"These recognitions are well- 
deserved." said Cal Watson, Sowell 
Gray Stepp & Laffitte managing 
partner. "Grady is very effective, and 
his extensive expenence in worker's 
compensation is highly valued by his 
many clients. We are very proud of 
Grady's many accomplishments." 

Located m Columbia's historic 
Vista distnct. Sowell Gray Stepp & 
Laffitte provides business and 
litigation representation in all state 
and federal tnal and appellate 
courts. Founded in 1996. the firm 
serves clients ranging from multi- 
national corporations to small 

Ellis (1960) and Juanita 
Martinez (1958, 1960) Coutee 

celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary June 5 with a mass and 
blessing and a celebration dinner in 
Baton Rouge Attending were the 
couple's children and their spouses, 
grandchildren The couple were 
married June 5, 1959 at St. Joseph's 
Catholic Church in Zwolle. 

Matt Barton (2001). a 
professor at St Cloud State 
University in St Cloud, Minn., 
created a feature-length 
documentary about the history of 
video games to be released in 2010. 
The movie is entitled "Woof The 
Videogame Revolution." The movie 
was inspired a book. "Vintage 
Games." he coauthored earlier this 
year that explores the history of 
influential video games Barton is 
also author of "Dungeons and 
Desktops." a history of computer 
role-playing games Barton's focus 
on the history of video games is 
about their impact on society and 
demystifies suspicions about games 
and gamers. 

An article in the July-August 
edition of Seattle Homes and 
Lifestyles magazine featured the 
Southern hospitality of Bill Bailey 
Carter (1973) and his partner Jamie 
Martin entertaining with stylish 
Southern flair The In Good Taste 
feature descnbed the Louisiana-style 

Aliiinm Colmnii.s I'.ill l^OOtf / 10 

X'lsit our wcbsit*. 

Alumni News . 

supper and the gracious hospitality in 
which it was served, as well as links 
to recipes. To view the story, go to 

John D. Ray (1993) was 

recently appointed by the Attorney 
General of Louisiana as Section 
Chief of the Workers' Compensation 
Section, Litigation Division of the 
Louisiana Department of Justice. He 
previously served as an Assistant 
Attorney General and was formerly 
with the New Orleans firm of 
Johnson, Johnson, Barhos & 

Bill Muse (1960) has 

published a book, "The Seventh 
Muse," a memoir of his experiences 
growing up in Mississippi and 
Louisiana as the seventh son of a 
minister and of his career in higher 
education that led to the presidency 
or chancellorship of three 

After his studies at 
Northwestern in 1956-60, Muse 
received a Ph.D. from the University 
of Arkansas and, subsequently, 
became president of the University 
of Akron and of Auburn University 
and Chancellor of East Carolina 
University. He was inducted in 
NSU's Long Purple Line in 1994. 

The book includes a chapter 
on his years at Northwestern. 
Copies can be ordered from the 
publisher online at or 
by phone at 1-800-288-4677 or 
through major bookstores. 

Corwin Robinson has been 
tapped to fill the open assistant 
principal slot at Clarksville High, 
Clarksville, Tenn. Robinson has 
worked in Nashville metro schools 
as disthct discipline coordinator 
since 2005. He earned his master's 
in education from Northwestern, 
additional certifications in 
educational leadership and in 
special education from the University 
of New Orleans. In December, he 
expects to receive his doctorate in 
education administration from 
Walden University. 

Robinson also spent years in 
the New Orleans public schools in 
several administrative capacities to 
include: assistant principal, 
instructional behavioral 
interventionist, and a special 
education teacher. 

Derrick LeBlanc (1997) was 

named the assistant and strength 
and conditioning coordinator at 
Louisiana State University after 
serving a two-year stint as the 
defensive line coach at Missouri 
State. LeBlanc received his master's 
degree from LSU in 2002. A four- 
year football player at Northwestern 
State as a two-way lineman, he 
spent three seasons at Breaux 
Bndge High School as an assistant 
coach, working with the offensive 
and defensive lines. After his year 
as a graduate assistant at LSU, 
LeBlanc moved to Henderson (Ark.) 
State University, where he coached 
the defensive line coach from 2001 
to 2004. LeBlanc was defensive line 
coach in 2005 at Arkansas Tech 

LeBlanc and his wife, Niema, 
have one son, Dayton. 

R. Derel< Anderson joined 
the Falls Village Golf Club of 
Durham, N.C. as head golf 
professional. With more than 28 
years of expehence in the golf 
industry, Anderson began his career 
at East Ridge Country Club in 
Shreveport, where he served as an 
assistant golf professional. Prior to 
joining Falls Village Golf Club, he 
was an assistant golf professional at 
Wake Forest Country Club in Wake 
Forest, N.C. and the head 
Professional Golfers' Association of 
Amehca (PGA) golf professional at 
Cheviot Hills Golf Club in Raleigh, 
N.C. A PGA member since 1988, 
Anderson earned a degree in 
business administration with a 
concentration in management from 
Northwestern. He resides in Wake 
Forest, N.C. with his wife. 

Justin Wolfe (2004) was 

signed by the Barnes Rodeo 
Company to perform at the Gerry, 
N.Y., Fire Department's 65th annual 

PRCA rodeo in August. 

The bullfighters' major job is to 
protect the cowboys when they are 
thrown from the bulls while at the 
same time providing entertainment 
for the fans. 

Wolfe, a Baton Rouge native, 
had a full track scholarship at NSU, 
running the 100 meters and the 
1 ,600 relay. He got his start in rodeo 
when he began riding bulls at age 
15. From there he gradually moved 
from hding bulls to his job today of 
protecting the riders. He says his 
track speed helps a lot in staying out 
of the bulls' reach. This was his 
second trip to Gerry as he 
performed here in 2007. 

Karen McCollister of 

McKinney, Texas, was selected to 
attend the 2009 Michelson 
ExxonMobil Teachers Academy at 
the Liberty Science Center in Jersey 
City, N.J., in July The Mickelson 
ExxonMobile Teachers Academy 
provides elementary teachers tools 
to enhance curhcula, an opportunity 
to network with other educators and 
discover innovative ways to teach 
math and science to students. 

Dr. Ronald Byrd (1954, 
1960), currently a part-time on-line 
instructor with Southern Arkansas 
University, is prepahng a manuschpt 
on Jose Marti and Abraham Lincoln 
that will be presented this fall at the 
LSUS American Studies Presidential 

"I've had a long, full career and 
find that I am fortunate to still have 

my health, energy and work ethic," 
Byrd said. "I'm appreciative of the 
start that Northwestern gave me and 
continue to be interested in NSU as 
a dynamic institution." Byrd, who 
spent his career as a professor of 
science, enjoys reading, hiking the 
mountains, exploring and competing 
in senior games. 

NSU President Dr. Randall J. 
Webb awarded an Nth Degree to 
former State Budget Director 
Ralph Perlman at a meeting of the 
Board of Supervisors for the 
University of Louisiana System. 

Perlman served four Louisiana 
governors. He was state budget 
director from 1967 until 1988. As 
director his accomplishments 
included the development of the 
Office of State Group Insurance and 
overseeing the state's $5 million 
investment in the 1984 World's Fair 
held in New Orleans. 

"Mr. Perlman's service to the 
state of Louisiana over the years 
has been extraordinary. He has 
served four governors in positions of 
authority over budgetary, financial, 
and fiscal affairs, which positioned 
him to work with key personnel at 
Northwestern duhng this period," 
Webb said. 

In 2002. he was named special 
assistant to the president of the 
University of Louisiana System. In 
that role, he works with the UL 
System Board and staff on 
strategies to increase efficiency 
within the system. 

NSU wants to hear from you! 

Watch your email! As part of its assessment 
and improvement program, tiie Office of 
University Planning and Assessment at NSU will 
conduct an online survey of recent graduates. 
We look foHA/ard to your participation and 
receiving your response. For more information, 
please contact Ron! Biscoe at (318) 357-6359 

Alumni Columns Fall 2009 / 1 1 

Foundation News 

Former state representative establishes scholarship for FACS 

ormcr Louisiana 



Beverly Gourdon 

Bruce of 
Mansfield has made a 
donation from unused 
campaign funds to the NSU 
Foundation to establish a 
scholarship. Bruce, a 1956 
graduate of NSU's 
Department of Family and 
Consumer Sciences, formerly 
Home Hconomics, and 
department faculty have set 
criteria for the award which 
will be called the Rep. 
Beverly Bruce Leadership 

Students eligible for the 
scholarship will be juniors 
and seniors majoring in 
Family and Consumer 
Sciences who have excelled 
in the classroom and who 
exhibit the qualities of 
scholarship, leadership and 
stronti character set forth bv 

former Rep. Bruce, according 
to Dr. Patricia Pierson. head 
of the Department of Family 
and Consumer Sciences. 

"We are extremely 
grateful to Representative 
Bruce for wanting to establish 
a scholarship for students 
pursuing degrees in Family 
and Consumer Sciences. 
Obviously she feels the 
\aluable things she learned as 
an undergraduate assisted her 
in the development of 
professional and leadership 
skills and she, in turn, wanted 
to help future students have 
that same opportunity," 
Pierson said. 

Ai'Xcr graduating from 
Northwestern, Bruce taught 
home economics at Campti 
High School and Greenwood 
High School for six years and 
served as a home economist 
agent for LSU Cooperative 
Extension Service for 23 
years. She served as state 

Beverly Bruce and Dr. Patricia Pierson. head of the 
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. 

representative for Caddo and 
DeSoto Parishes for 12 years. 
Bruce received a degree 
in home economics education 
from Northwestern in 1956 
and a masters degree in child 
dexelopment and family 
relations in 1964. She also 
did post-graduate work at 
Louisiana State University. 
Bruce has ser\ed in the 
Louisiana House of 
Representatives for over 1 2 
\ears and was re-elected in 
1 999 and 200.^ to her second 

and third terms without 
opposition. Prior to her 
election in 1995, she served 
as teacher of home economics 
in the public school system 
for nine \ears and as a home 
economist with the LSU 
Agricultural Center-Research 
and Extension Ser\ ice for 23 
years. She retired from her 
DeSoto Parish Extension 
position in 1996 to devote 
full-time service in the House 
of Representatives. 

Natchitoches Lions Club scholarship will benefit local students 

The Natchitoches Lions Club 
showed their support of Natchitoches 
youth by presenting the Northwestern 
State University Foundation with a 
SI 0,000 check to establish the 
Natchitoches Lions Club Endowed 

"Natchitoches' youth deserve the 
support of local civic organizations, and 
Northwestern State has provided 
educational opportunities and 
professional preparation to this area for 
125 years," said Michele Waskom, 
Natchitoches Lions president. "It's only 
fitting that the Natchitoches Lions Club 
establish a scholarship that, now and 
forever, will assist a local student in 
obtaining a college education at this 
great institution of higher learning." 

In addition to the scholarship, the 
club conducts a variety of projects and 
events, including volunteerism for the 
Natchitoches Christmas Festival, with 
the Lions E:ye Foundation, and the Lions 

The Natchitoches Lion's Club has created a SI, 000 scholarship to be awarded to a 
Natchitoches Parish student entering Northwestern State University. From left are 
Lion Raymond Gilbert, scholarship committee member: Dr. William Broussard, third 
vice president and scholarship committee chair; Lions President Michele Waskom, 
NSU President Dr. Randall J. Webb. NSU Director of Alumni and Development Drake 
Owens and Lion Will Taylor, treasurer. 

( hildrens Camp. Lions Clubs 
International is the world s largest 
service club organi/alion with nearly 1.3 

million members in approximately 
45.000 clubs in 202 countries and 
geographical areas around the world. 

Alumiii Columns Fall ZOOi) / 12 

\'isit our wcL\M 



obody watches a Demon football game more passionately than the 
families of the players. Perhaps no football parents in school history have 
watched the Spirit of Northwestern Marching Band's halftime 
performances more intently than James (1979) and Nancy (1980) Perry, James 
was a member of the NSU band during his undergraduate days from 1975-79. 
Their sons, Justin (2009) and Kevin, were Demon teammates the past three 
years. But before the brothers Perry were playing football, they were coming to 
Turpin Stadium with their parents, both NSU alumni, to enjoy Demon football 
games - and watch the band. In addition to playing in the band, James also ran 
track in the 100 and 200 meter dashes for the Demons from 1975-77. He met 
Nancy, an Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority member in the spring of 1978. She was a 
resident assistant in Sabine Dormitory and became a member of Purple Jackets. 
She earned an associate's degree in business. Now they've seen their oldest 
son earn his NSU degree and they had the unique thrill of watching both of their 
boys score touchdowns in the same game last year. Justin ran back the opening 
Justin, James, Nancy and Kevin Perry kickoff 95 yards and Kevin returned a blocked punt 17 yards as the Demons 
outclassed Southwestern Oklahoma 63-12. Having the shared experience of sons being teammates at their alma mater has been a rich 
expenence, they said, but watching Justin receive his diploma in May was an emotional event. "We felt very grateful and honored," 
Nancy said. James works as supervisor of terminal and pipeline accounting for Citgo. He also has been a high school football official for 
10 years, providing him another unique perspective as he watches Demon games. "I am watching the game, but I watch the officials, 
too. I can see techniques and procedures they use and it helps me improve," he said. "But yes, I get upset at calls I don't like. But now, I 
just hang my head instead of hollehng about it." Considering his sons, he's usually able to poke out his chest and beam with pride. 

Record breaking year for NSU Athletics, Demon Victory Fund 

In 2008-09. the Athletic Association membership broke 
almost all of the previous years records and established a new 
benchmark for fundraising by the Board of Directors. 
According to Associate Director of Athletics Dr. William 
Broussard, the membership established records in the several 
areas, including: total funding secured, up over 10 percent 
from 2007-08; Demon Victory Fund total funding, up over 10 
percent from 2007-08; total cash contributions to the NSU 
Athletic Association; total Athletic Association membership; 
total Select 100 (donors over SI. 000) membership; total gifts 
in kind, up over 12 percent from 2007-08; total licensing 
royalties; and Board of Directors fundraising. 

Director of Athletics Greg Burke said the significant 
increases in all areas are the result of increased donor 
education regarding contribution options, increased public 
relations efforts, and a concerted effort among faithful 
contributors to maintain the NSU Athletic Department s 
continued excellence in athletics, academics, and community 

"Athletic Association members gave through personal 
donations and through their businesses at levels that are 
unprecedented in the history of NSU Athletics. That they 
have done so in a time where the global economy has 
undergone such turmoil and the university's budget has been 
reduced so substantially is absolutely crucial to the continued 
growth of the department. With this funding, we are able to 
provide a first-class NCAA Division I experience to Demon 
and Lady Demon student-athletes, to the faculty, staff, 
students, and alumni of NSU. and to the City of Natchitoches," 
said Burke. 

Broussard was particularly grateful to members of the 

Athletic Association Board of Directors, who were challenged 
at the beginning of the year to help raise over SI 00,000 in 
support for the Association. In total, the Board of Directors, 
comprised of 21 volunteers, led by President Donald Horton 
(Coushatta). who assist with fundraising efforts and recruit 
new members, attained $186,300 in cash contributions, 
pledges to the endowed scholarship fund and corporate 

Broussard and director of marketing and promotions Ryan 
HoUoway collaborated to develop an approach to annual 
fundraising that highlighted key areas of development, starting 
the DVF annual fund drive in May. VIP Football ticket sales in 
the summer. October DVF membership drive to coincide with 
Courtside Basketball sales, and corporate sponsorship renewal 
and recruitment in the late spring. 

"The etTect of the rebranding campaign/logo redesign and 
new website were tremendous in informing current and 
potential supporters about events that interested them and also 
in showing appreciation to them for their contributions." said 

"On behalf of the NSU Athletic Association and its Board 
of Directors. I'd like to thank every Athletic Association 
member for their support of NSU Athletics. I constantly 
opine about how generous the people of the City of 
Natchitoches and NSU's alumni are. and these new records are 
hard evidence of that testament." said Broussard. 

For more information about making a contribution to the 
NSU Athletic Association or Demon Victory Fund, please 
contact Broussard at 318 357-4295 or at 
broussardwfa^ via e-mail. 

Alumni Columns Fall 2009 / 13 

Alumni Updates 



Eula Bess Durham 
Mitchell IS a retired 
teacher and lives in 


Marietta Firment 
Guedry is retired and 
lives in Moreauville. 


Laverne B. Brown 
Jackson is retired and 
lives in Jonesville. 


Leonard Buell Kimbrell 
is a professor at 
Portland State 
University, married and 
lives in Portland. Ore. 

Winifred Milliard 
Owens IS retired and 
lives in Bossier City. 


Willie Edna Tarbutton 
is a retired teacher and 
lives in West Monroe. 


Mamie Hanna Sterkx is 
retired and lives in 


Johnnie Mae Campbell 
Palmer is a retired 
teacher, marned to 
Edward C Palmer 
('49) and lives in 

Betty Joe Davis Bruce 
is a retired social 
worker and lives in 

Jerry E Wise is the 
owner and publisher of 
the Cameron Pansh 
Pilot and DeQuincy 
News. He is married 
and lives in DeQuincy 


Lawrence H Davis is 
employed by NSU 
Shreveport campus as 
a math professor, 
married to Clarice 
Mane Tilleux Davis 
('53) and lives in 
Grand Cane. 

Clarice Marie Tilleux 
Davis is retired, 
marned and lives in 
Grand Cane. 


W. F. Whitford is 
retired, marned to 
Frankie B. Whitford 
('58) and lives in Baton 


Martha Elizabeth 
Bozeman Griffith is a 
retired teacher and 
lives in Belmont. 


E. Theron Overland is 
self employed and 
lives in Zachary. 


Ruth-Anne Eileen 
Hoffstadt Hammons is 
a retired teacher, 
marned and lives in 


Martha Elaine Cotton 
Avegno is retired and 
lives in Baton Rouge. 


Ragan Daniel Gantt is 
the owner of Ragan 
Gantt & Associates, 
CPAs, marned and 
lives in Miami, Fla 


Jerry Robbins is 
retired, marned and 
lives in Tampa, Fla. 

Annette Renee 
Wallace Cherwa is a 
retired teacher, married 
and lives in Virginia 
Beach, Va. 

Harold Dwayne Fuqua 
is retired, marned and 
lives in Orange, Texas. 


Donald M Mayeaux is 
an engineer staff 
specialist at Lockheed 
Martin Aeronautics Co, 
married and lives in 
Fort Worth. 

Thomas R. Nolde is 
employed by Gene 
KouryAuto Sales & 
Finance as the head of 
collections, marned 
and lives in Leesville. 


George C. Thompson 
retired, marned to 
Mary D. Thompson 
('52) and lives in 

Joan Tallent is a 
registered nurse and 
lives in Jacksonville, 

Helen Virginia Creed 
Deville is the director 
of student services at 
Louisiana Technical 
married to Billy Michael 
Deville ('79) and lives 
in Haughton. 


Mamie Dell Small Bush 
is a guidance 
counselor at 
Logansport High 
School, marned and 
lives in Shreveport. 

Charles William 
Boudreau is a lead 
teacher and mentor at 
Vista Health, marned 
and lives in 
Fayetteville, Ark. 


Linda Mane Voss 
Savell is employed by 

Bossier Pansh School 
Board as an assistant 
pnncipal, married and 
lives in Shreveport. 


Anthony Pierce 
Robinson is employed 
by East Texas Baptist 
University and Wiley 
College marned to 
Wanda Robinson ('77) 
and lives in Marshall, 


Dana R. English is a 
child welfare specialist 
IV supervisor and lives 
in Mansfield. 


Glinda M. Doucet is a 
retired teacher and 
lives in Bunkie. 


Royce Ann G. Dillard is 
employed Community 
Trust Bank, marned 
and lives in Simsboro. 


Melanie Ann Lea Birck 
is an assistant 
professor at Bossier 
Pansh Community 
College and lives in 


Carletta Danene 
Anthony Jones is a 
fourth grade teacher at 
Natchitoches Magnet 
School, marned and 
lives in Natchitoches. 


Debra Ann Monette 
LaCour is a staff 
nurse, married and 
lives in Natchitoches. 


Rev Thomas H 
Worsham IV is the 
minister to students at 
First Baptist Church- 
Minden and lives in 

Gwendolyn Rose 
Savoy George is the 
nurse practitioner 
faculty coordinator at 
Loyola University-New 
Orleans, marned and 
lives in River Ridge. 

Clarence Steven 
Matthews is employed 
by Prudential/ 
Pnmenca. marned and 
lives in Laplace. 


Harlan A. Diggs is a 
staff nurse at 
Sebastian River 
Medical Center and 
lives in Vero Beach, 


Mark Joseph Ferguson 
is a graduate, teaching 
assistant. PhD student 
at the University of 
Alabama, mamed and 
lives in Tuscaloosa, 


Kylie D Amato is the 
assistant director 
Academic Athletic 
Support at Flonda 
State University and 
lives in Tallahassee. 

Lori Miller VanRoeyen 
IS a dental hygiene 
student at LSU Health 
Sciences, marned and 
lives in New Orleans 


Sarah Jessica Rhodes 
Smith is an actor, 
singer and lives in Las 

Jason Douglas Hilton 
is a fire marker at 
Cubic Applications, 
Inc . marned and lives 
in Hornbeck. 

Tncia Michelle 
Patterson Sawyer is an 
accounting supervisor 
at B Blakeney and 
Associates, marned 
and lives in Leesville 


Tangela Smith Maxwell 
is a substance abuse 
counselor and 
facilitator at Winn 
Correctional Center, 
mamed and lives in 

Robert R Manshack is 
a registered nurse at 
Willis Knighton Medical 
Center and lives in 


Melissa Kay Stout 
Clark IS a substitute 
teacher for Beauregard 
Pansh School Board 
and lives in Singer. 

Ashley Danielle Briley 
is employed by 
Manpower as a 
manager and lives in 

Hattie "Tammy" Procell 
Self IS a registered 
nurse, mamed and 
lives in Shreveport. 

In Memory 

1939 -Mane Cole 
Meadows. Merryville. 
February 1.2009 

1939- MaryDupuis. 
Opelousas, Febaiary 
27. 2009 

1939 - Bill F. Hamilton, 
Ruston, March 29, 

1940 -Angie Ballard 
Skelton Henson. June 
30, 2009, Baton Rouge 

1949- RoyKunce. 
Shreveport, January 
26, 2009 

Dennis, May 19,2009, 

Crews. July 2009, 

1950 -Colonel Horace 
A Corley, June 9, 

Alumni CoIunm:< tall ZOOtf / 14 

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Alumni Updates 

1950 - Buford James Bruce, 
May 15. 2009 

1951 -Melvin Hershal Shaw, 
July 16, 2009. Grand Lake 

1951 - Eleanor Claire McGee 

1953 -Virginia Yvonne 
Jenkins Phillips, January, 22, 

1954- Hazel Ramsey 
Canedo, New Orleans, 
January 27, 2009 

1955 - Fleming A. Thomas, 
Natchitoches, Aug. 8, 2009 

1959- Howard R. French. 
Bossier City, Apnl 30. 2009 

1967 - Bobby D. Land, 
Montgomery, LA, May 28, 

1975 -John Randall 
Brossette, Apnl 2008 

1975 - Roger D. Jennings, 
April 28, 2009 

1977 -Billy David Rowell, 
June 5, 2009, Goldonna 

1979 -Curtis John Cantrell 
Jr., July 27, 2009. Temple, 

1985, 1986 -Sharon E. 

Sampite. July 5, 2009, 

1986 - James Kenneth Hart, 
May 12, 2009, Missouri 

1990- Linda Aymond 
Roberts, July 28, 2009, Kolin 

1991 - Sally Metcalf Borders. 
June 18, 2009, Memphis, 


1995 -Gregory William Bates 
-Sept 17.2006 

C. Emery Williams. M.D.. June 
29. 2009.Asheville. N.C. 

Betty C. Walmsley. November 
14, 2008 

John Edgar, October 6, 2008 

After 20 years of 
research and seven trips 
to Liverpool. England 
to conduct interviews. Judy Southerland 
Kessler (1974) has published a historical novel 
on the life of Beatle, singer/composer John 
Lennon. The 800-page book. Shoulda Been 
There, traces Lennon 's life from his birth in 
1940 through the formation of The Beatles, 
their early tours of Scotland and Hamburg. 
Germany, and their discovery by manager 
Brian Epstein in 1961. The first of a five- 
book series, Shoulda Been there gives readers 
the experience of actually witnessing Lennon s 
tragic childhood, devastating teen years and 
emergence of a resolute young man 
determined to show the world his value. 

"This book is not just for Beatles fans," 
Kessler explained, 'it is the story of a lost 
little boy and an angry teen whose family 
experiences left him scarred for life. It's the 
story of how important parents are in the life 
of a child." 

Kessler is the daughter of Dr. Tom Paul 
and Maxine Southerland, who were extremely 
supportive of her work as an author. Dr. 
Southerland, an innovative educator and 
former vice president of Academic Affairs at 
NSU. encouraged Kessler to write from a \ery 
early age. 

"He collected my first novellas and 
poems. When I was only 13, my parents 
published my childhood poetry into a volume 
called 'Memories fi-om Grade School Years,"' 
she said. "They made be believe that I was 
destined to be a writer." 

Kessler's mother, a home economics 
educator at NSU and later the director for the 
Center for the History of Education at NSU, 
imparted her love of books and history to 

"My mother read to me constantly as a 
child and helped me study for my exams at 
NSU. Having two educators as parents gave 
me the tenacity that made a 20-year research, 
writing and editing project possible," she said. 

Kessler received two undergraduate degrees 
at NSU in history and English education. 

"I couldn't decide which avenue I wanted 

to pursue so I did both. I wolfed down 177 
credit hours in three years. Insane! But the 
education that I received at NSU was just 
amazing. When 1 went to the University of 
Maryland in 1974 to work on my master's 
degree, my fellow classmates and I were 
quizzed about which of us had read the 
'Second Shepherd's Play' or the entire works 
of Spenser. Thanks to NSU's English 
department I was the only one who had." 

Kessler's preparation for writing a 
footnoted, documented historical novel has 
paid off in spades, she said. The first edition 
sold out in eight months and a revised edition 
was printed. The second book includes more 
non-fiction documentation at the end of each 
chapter and a free one-hour interview CD with 
Allan Williams, the Beatles' first manager. 

Kessler has appeared as guest author at 
the 35th annual Pest for Beatles Fans in New 
York and at conventions in Chicago, Las Vega 
and New Jersey and had speaking 
engagements and book signings in 

The sequel to "Shoulda Been There" will 
be out in October 2010. Entitled "Shivering 
Inside." the new work will take John and The 
Beatles from December 1 96 1 through the birth 
of Beatlemania around the world and to the 
stage of the Ed Sullivan Show. 

"Shoulda Been There" features not only 
the novel but an encyclopedia of Beatle-related 
people with biographies of each, a Scouse 
(Liverpudlian) glossary, an appendix of rare 
Beatle documents, photos of Liverpool from 
Kessler's trips and the interview CD. It is 
available for purchase at 

"Although I've been blessed to address 
conventions across the United States, nothing 
is more fulfilling to me than coming home to 
NSU and Natchitoches to share my life's work. 
I had my very first book signing at The Book 
Merchant and it was perfect. The people of 
Natchitoches taught me to work hard, write 
well and uphold the reputation of Harling, 
Saxon. Mignon and Hunter, great artists from 
Natchitoches who have gone before me." 


Alumni Columns Fall 2009 / 15 

Alumni News 

Looking bacK 

Northwestern marked its Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of 75 years, in 1959 with a look back at the school's history 
and accomplishments since its founding in 1884. Linking the past to the present in Northwestern's Diamond Jubilee 
Year were, from left. Miss Eve Mouton, Mrs. Ora Watson and Mrs. John Kyser, pictured in the costume of yesterday. 
Dressed in accord with contemporary fashion were Jo Ann Joffrion, Miss Potpourri; Mary Ferguson, Miss Northwestern 
State College, and Virginia Atkinson, 2nd place beauty. 

Guess Who? 

Spirits were high at Northwestern's 101st Homecoming in 
1985. Even a live television broadcast of NSU's 45-21 loss to 
Northeast couldn't dampen the spirits of the 11,000 students, 
friends and alumni who attended the Saturday night football 
game. Can you name the lovelies who reigned over NSU's 
Homecoming court? The first five readers to call the Alumni 
Office (318) 357-4414 will win a prize. 

Congratulations to readers 
who correctly identified members 
of the 1995 debate team. They 
were .lerenn Tuiton. Budd\ Hayes 
and James Roland. 

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